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I'm Madeline.

First, and foremost, I have a lot of kids. Six to be exact. and I'm a complete nerd when it comes to love stories. I love Love. Love tales between lovers. Love between friends, pets, and (you probably guessed it) Mother's and their children. Love + hope are some of the best parts of life. My greatest achievements will always call me Mom. Empowering mothers and supporting families is a close second. Documenting birth, motherhood, and genuine love stories allows me to use my creative gifts to do just that: from being there capturing you say I do, to watching your family grow and documenting the pivotal moments along the way.

Florence + Fern was born out of the love I have for preserving real, raw emotions for families and documenting the big moments and also the small ones. My grandmother's name was Florence. She was amazing but a product of her generation. Her voice was silenced many times and her choices were limited to her gender. She always encouraged me to be kind, advocate, and help others. Anyone who was ever in my grandmother's presence felt warm, welcome, and safe. I hope to have all my client's feel this way when they choose me to document their life stories, especially in the birth space. The power of birth was taken from so many generations before us with twilight births and other interventions that silenced a mother's intuition. It is my goal to not only capture mother's in their most authentic moments but also in their freedom to make choices regarding their birth stories. Birth experiences matter and I'm here to document and support you for every step of the way.

So, if you love women supporting women, the importance of preserving memories, a good cup of coffee, and drop a good curse word now and again, we should probably be friends. Oh, and must love Montana.

Be the moon and inspire people even when you're far from full.

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From small

beginnings to big results.

Ever-growing. Art is a living organic evolution of ideas, emotions, and moments. Three artists could have the same subject and capture them each differently. It's not what you look at, it's what you see and how it feels. I see natural beauty in people. The good and the bad and everything in between." People look their best acting naturally - because they're not acting," they're being themselves. and that's what i want to save for you. The real, raw, natural expressions that make you and your loved ones beautiful and special. That's my growth trajectory.