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BIrth + Fresh 48

Birth is not only about making babies. 

It's about making mothers...

strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and believe in their inner strength.

Barbara Katz Rothman


Capturing and bearing witness to birth is truly an honor. Documenting your birth story and all it in encompasses. The real moments. The raw strength. The intimate connections.
I proudly support all birth choices. If you want a c-section, I'll be there for you. If you want an unmedicated water birth, I'll be there for you. I take client privacy very seriously and know that your experience is protected.

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Capturing Memories

Reasons to book a Birth photographer:

- To remember how powerful you are.
- So your loved one can hold you. Not the camera.
- To remember how your birth team made you feel safe.
-Because when you thought you couldn't. You DID.
- Your first hello to your baby. Their first sigh. Their first yawn.
- To remember how soft they were.
-For when you learned to trust your body.
-Because you can't get this moment back.

-Kalyn Noland
-Image :

Trust your birth can be beautfiful even if it looks different than you were expecting."

Gabriel S.

" It was so surreal seeing my birth story through images. These are amazing. Definitely can't wait until my next baby. I'll be hiring you again in 2024."


" My cousin gifted us a Fresh 48 for the birth of our son. Maddie was so gentle and patient with us , our baby, and the staff having to interrupt for our little guys' hearing test. She documented the whole thing. I can't wait until we get our canvas for the nursery."

"Maddie knows babies and she knows birth.